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View Our Locations

Make Your Dream Flowers A Reality

Check the Flower Rental Options page to see all we have to offer!

List out everything your heart desires!

We’ll send back an itemized proposal that you can then make edits to.

It’s 25% down to lock in your date, and then we’ll customize your exact look! $1,200 minimum for Weddings & Events plus $275* for our Standard Delivery & Pickup Package within a 20-mile radius from our Shoppe.

Please inquire for further distances.

*Some restrictions apply

Steps To Get Started

Finalize your look here!

Check the Flower Rental Options to see all we have to offer!

  1. Come to our Showroom – It’s open Wednesdays 11-4PM. Be sure to RSVP on the Come See Us page!
  2. Start Your Proposal (button below)! Fill out your DREAM Flower Checklist! List everything you think you want, ballpark is fine, and we’ll send an itemized proposal for you to see.
  3. Save your Date! Ready to choose us as your Floral Vendor?! Good choice! Pay 25% deposit on your proposal to lock-in our services for your wedding date!
  4. Final Consult for Booked Brides, schedule on the “Come see us” Page. Once you’re ready to make your final flower decisions, book your final consult! This is where we’ll customize your mock up and finalize your ‘flower recipe,’ these are the flowers we’ll use to build everything on your proposal. We’ll also help to fine tune your proposal, and edit it to be sure it has everything you want.
  5. Relax and ENJOY your wedding! Be sure you’ve emailed us your day of timeline or put us in contact with your wedding coordinator. We put your order together the week prior to your event, and our Delivery package provides hassle free set up and pickup!
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High-Quality, rent-and-return flowers – so you can get your luxury dream look at a fraction of the price. Our goal is to give you everything you want, AND MORE, without breaking the bank!


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