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Exploring the Benefits of Owning a Wedding Flower Franchise

Are you passionate about weddings, creativity, and entrepreneurship? Embark on a fulfilling journey by owning a wedding flower franchise. Dive into the world of elegant faux flowers and become part of a woman-owned business that thrives on beauty and innovation.

The Advantages of Wedding Flower Franchise Ownership

Transition: Firstly, let’s explore the myriad benefits that come with owning a wedding flower franchise business.

Proven Success

One of the primary advantages of owning a franchise is stepping into a business model that has already proven successful. By investing in a wedding flower franchise, you inherit a blueprint for prosperity, complete with established operational procedures and marketing strategies.

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition plays a pivotal role in attracting customers and building trust. As a franchise owner, you benefit from the established reputation and credibility of the parent brand. Clients seeking wedding flowers often gravitate towards recognized names, giving you a competitive edge in the market. A wedding flower franchise business with brand recognition will make owning a business much easier than starting from scratch.

Training and Support in your wedding flower franchise

Unlike starting a business from scratch, owning a franchise comes with comprehensive training and ongoing support. Franchisors provide valuable guidance on various aspects of the business, from floral design techniques to customer service. This support system ensures that you have the tools and knowledge to thrive in your venture.

Marketing Muscle

Marketing can be daunting, especially for new entrepreneurs. However, as part of a franchise, you gain access to collective marketing efforts. Franchisors invest in national and local marketing campaigns, leveraging their resources to promote brand awareness and drive customers to your doorstep. We partner with Edgeview Creative to help our marketing needs.

Embracing Elegance with Faux Flowers

Now, let’s delve into the enchanting world of elegant faux flowers and the allure they bring to the wedding industry.

Faux flowers offer timeless beauty that transcends seasons and trends. Whether it’s a classic rose bouquet or a contemporary succulent arrangement, faux blooms retain their pristine appearance long after the wedding day, serving as cherished keepsakes for years to come.

Faux Real flowers offer endless possibilities for customization and creativity. As a franchise owner, you have the freedom to unleash your imagination and collaborate with clients to bring their floral visions to life. From intricate centerpieces to cascading bouquets, the options are limitless.

Unlike fresh flowers, faux blooms are durable and versatile. They withstand transportation and handling without wilting or fading, ensuring that your creations look flawless from ceremony to reception. Additionally, faux flowers can be repurposed for future events, offering added value to your clients.

4. **Sustainability**: important, faux flowers offer an eco-friendly alternative to fresh blooms. By promoting sustainable practices, you appeal to environmentally conscious clients while reducing waste and environmental impact.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in a wedding flower franchise business.

Lastly, let’s celebrate the empowerment that comes with being part of a woman-owned business in the wedding industry.

As a woman-owned business owner, you join a community of trailblazers who are breaking barriers and making their mark in diverse industries. By owning a wedding flower franchise, you not only fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams but also inspire others to pursue their passions and aspirations.

In conclusion, owning a wedding flower franchise offers a bouquet of benefits, from the stability of a proven business model to the allure of elegant faux flowers. Embrace the opportunity to flourish as an entrepreneur while making lasting memories for your clients on their special day.

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How It Works

1 - Send us your checklist!

 Click ‘Start Your Proposal’ to send us your dream checklist!  Email us your Pinterest photos!

2 - Save your date.

Save your date with 25% down! And we’ll hold your faux wedding flowers.

3 - Lock in your look.

Customize your own ‘faux flower recipe’ months before your event!

All Colors All Seasons

Peonies in January? Yes! Sunflowers in March? Yes! You can choose anything in our inventory for the same, set pricing.


No wilting, droppings, or water to mess with – Venues love to work with us because they don’t have to clean up after us.

Eco Friendly

We recycle & reuse the flowers each week! Creating little to no waste, a much smaller carbon footprint than fresh flowers.

Practice Makes Perfect

No surprises of what your flowers will look like on your big day – you’ll see them at your final consult!

Checkbook Friendly

Since our flowers are rentals, we average half the cost of traditional, fresh florists.


We deliver, set-up & pick up your dream flowers.

Flower Rental Options

Bouquets & Accents

Customize your dream bouquets and other small accents.
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Ceremony Decor

Your dream ceremony, from arbors to aisle arrangements.

Table Centerpieces

Table arrangements in multiple heights and sizes.


Client Reviews

A few reviews from our happy customers

I am so I am so glad I found Faux Real Flowers! Amber and Lisa were so easy to work with! I live outside of Raleigh so getting to their shop during the week was not a convenient thing for me, but Amber was super communicative through emails and all of my needs were met. We went over my wedding colors and I told her my preferences and I got exactly what I wanted! I liked getting a say in how my flowers looked and appreciated the talent that Amber and Lisa had to make it come to life. 10/10 recommend!!

- Brianna B.

It was such a pleasure working with Amber and Lisa! I found Faux Real flowers via their Instagram page. The were always quick to respond and very helpful!! I was a bride who had to uproot all wedding plans due to venue restrictions from COVID and had to restart planning with a new venue four months before my wedding date. They took my color scheme and brought it to life. They custom arranged the centerpieces to fit the dark and moody feel of my other reception decorations. Their flowers are beautiful and I got so many compliments from the wedding guests. I am grateful to Amber and Lisa for making this large detail on my wedding day go absolutely perfect!

- Arielle W.

You’d be lucky to be a FauxReal bride! I will never forget meeting Lisa at a bridal expo and how passionate and captivating she was. From meeting her to setting up an appointment to go over ideas, all the way through the wedding, it was nothing but perfect, transparent, and planned. Not only did Faux Real Flowers provide the most outstanding wedding flowers I could have hoped for, they are also more than just a florist. They are your support team, your cheerleaders, your helpers, your fairy godmothers. From every detail, every change, every communication, every hug and smile, they really were perfect. These ladies have found a passion in doing this and it sure does show in every way. I would work with FauxReal AGAIN and AGAIN!

- Jessica R.

The FauxReal Flowers team is a joy to work with! We have had several brides that have used them for their wedding day and everyone is always blown away with their work. They are always super professional, helpful, and just great people. We know that they are always going to deliver exactly what the couple is looking for and they are great to support with design ideas. <3

- Something Fabulous Weddings & Events

I booked with FauxReal for my 12/11/21 wedding after meeting Lisa at the Forever Bridal Show. My experience with them was amazing. Always happy to assist in any way they could! My florals looked incredible, I got SO many compliments on them (people saying that they couldn’t believe that they weren’t real)! I highly recommend!!

- Amanda R.

I used FauxReal Flowers for my November 2021 wedding. They were so communicative and easy to work with. All of the staff provided helpful suggestions as we were planning our outdoor fall wedding and the bouquets, floral swags, and boutonnieres all looked amazing. We got so many amazing compliments. And the best part was not shelling out $$$$ for florals! I highly recommend renting your wedding florals!

- Brooke S.

After deciding that I didn’t want to waste thousands of dollars on live flowers for one day (what do you even do with them all?!) I stumbled across FauxReal. The process of selecting my flowers was insanely easy (I opted to come into their studio a few months before the big day) and I was seriously impressed with how real their flowers feel. If you state REALLY closely you can tell the greenery is faux, but the flowers themselves are uncanny. They look and feel just like whatever type of flower you picked. Even the stems (the part of a fake flower that’s the most fake) felt right! My mom still doesn’t believe they weren’t real. Set up and take down was a breeze as well. FauxReal worked seamlessly with my vendor (The Maxwell) and planner (Bustled Events) and came back for everything at the end of the night! All in all I had a great experience with our rental and will definitely use them again for another major event!

- Brittany N.

Amber took time to meet me while I was in Raleigh for my wedding tasting as I live out of state. I was curious to see what the Faux Flowers looked like and felt like because I considered them for my wedding. I was blown away. Amber put together a quick bouquet based off of the colors that I’m wanting in my wedding and helped me to picture what they would look like all together. The way the flowers move and wiggle look like real flowers so in the wedding video you won’t even be able to tell they aren’t real. Great quality flowers and tons of color options! Also, the owners are very responsive and super fun to work with! I can’t wait for our wedding at the end of 2021 and to leave another review of how it all went. We signed with Faux Flowers and the quote came in about half of what real flowers would be and we don’t have to worry about what to do with the flowers after the wedding! Faux Flowers will pick up the flowers after your event. We are even renting a gold ring backdrop from them! Definitely check them out as an option for your wedding/event 🙂

- Jessica B.

I used FauxReal for my mountain elopement bouquet and I was BLOWN AWAY. This bouquet was everything I had ever hoped for and more - it was stunning, well done, and so affordable. I loved it so much I bought a "toss bouquet" that is a replica of my large one and I have it in a vase in our house <3 I can't thank these wonderful women enough for their dedication to our day. If you are looking for silk flowers in Raleigh, THIS IS IT!

- Cameron B.

Amber and Lisa are absolutely amazing at what they do!!! I have never seen a better duo when it comes to your perfect day! They’re so professional and their work is truly beautiful. The best choice anyone could ever make for their flowers!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

- Taylor C.


Franchises Available

If you are exploring this as a franchising opportunity, we want to hear from you. With rent-and-return flowers, you eliminate concerns about wilting or seasonal availability, ensuring that clients’ occasions are always adorned with stunning blooms. 

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