What's Your Wedding Style?

What's Your Wedding Style?

March 08, 2019

Before you started wedding planning, you probably didn’t realize there were actually wedding styles. But four hours of Pinterest pinning later and you’ll probably notice there’s a common thread between your photos. Whether you’re more edgy or like a classic, romantic look, you want to choose a bouquet to fit your style. If you haven’t nailed down your vision yet, here are some of the main wedding styles we see. Read through them and see which one fits you best!


The classic style is for those who love all things traditional in weddings. When it comes to bouquets, they’re typically a rounder and tighter in shape and incorporate romantic, feminine colors, like pinks, reds and whites. Classic flower choices include roses and peonies. Our Amalfi Coast Bouquet in medium is an example of a classic style.


Modern designs are all about clean lines and simplicity. Brides and grooms in this genre typically go for simple color palettes and high contrast. Bouquets may be monochromatic with different flowers all in the same color or feature a unique design element to add interest. If you’re going the modern route with your wedding, check out our Queenstown Bouquet!


Calling all the free spirits! If you’re a boho bride then your wedding is going to be a lot like you - creative, care-free and eclectic. We love this style for flowers, as it typically features a more “organic” looking bouquet, with natural lines, lots of texture and unique flower combinations. The boho style typically embraces non-traditional flowers and fillers, like proteas, branches and mixed greenery. If you’re loving the boho vibes, then the Budapest bridal bouquet is your match made in heaven.


The moody style is pretty self-explanatory - think rich colors and dramatic flowers that make a big impact. Burgundy and navy are popular color choices for this palette. You may think that dark tones conflict with the upbeat occasion of your wedding day. But , when it’s done correctly, the moody style can be very chic or even evoke an old-word, Victorian feel. If you don’t want to go full-moody, consider something like the Stockholm Bouquet that brings in white flowers to lighten up the burgundy.

Have you figured out whether you’re classic, modern, boho or moody? It’s important to have a bouquet that reflects your style and personality. And if none of these fit the bill, we can customize any bouquet to match your vision for your big day!