Using Your Artificial Wedding Bouquet as a Wedding Memento

Using Your Artificial Wedding Bouquet as a Wedding Memento

August 02, 2018


Our Chic White Bridal Bouquet set in a vase on our dining table.

Should I use artificial flowers in my wedding bouquet? I may have a biased opinion, but yes, you definitely should! Why? Faux bouquets have been gaining popularity nowadays because they are indistinguishable from fresh flowers, you don’t have to worry about the flowers wilting, accidentally damaging the flowers, or not being able to get flowers that are out of season.  On top of that, you get a beautiful memento you can keep FOREVER.  And not some tacky wedding memento that your friends are going to cringe at when they see it in your house and awkwardly pretend like they like it.  Your bouquet can easily be used as a decoration that naturally blends in with the other décor at your house.  To most people it will be a nice centerpiece on your table, while to you it will symbolize the happiest day of your life.  Tomato, Tomato. 

There are literally tons of things that you can do with your bouquet after your wedding day. To make it easy for you, I compiled a nice little list for you.


Turn it into a display

Fun fact: I put my silk flower bridal bouquet in a vase on my bedside table and I think most people would just think it’s a vase of flowers to make our bedroom look nicer.  For me, every time I look at it I’m filled with all of the great memories from my wedding. It’s such a great day to relive.  Anyways, enough about my experience and let’s talk about some other easy options.  A friend of mine has hers displayed in her living room on the fireplace mantle; she likes it there because it’s an easy conversation starter when they have guests over (she’s in sales) and the conversation starts to peter out.  Someone notices the flowers and she has an easy conversation starter.  Enter funny wedding story about her wedding and the “regrettable” things one of the groomsman did after getting too drunk.  See? It’s all been penned out.

Silk Sunflower Bridal Bouquet


Give it as a keepsake to others

I have no delusions that my daughter will someday want to wear my wedding dress at her wedding.  She’s her own woman and should be able to pick out her own damn dress.  Remember how my wedding flowers are on my bedside table though?  I think it would be AWESOME if someday when my daughter gets married the florist can include 2-3 of the flowers from my wedding bouquet into her wedding bouquet.  I feel like it creates a connection from past to present and is a really cool “something borrowed” to include in the wedding.  Plus, since my bouquet has a lot of white and green colors, it will pretty much work with any color or style she may go with.  Have we mentioned that faux flowers bouquets last forever?  I’m banking on it.


Donate to a hospital/shelter

This is another possible scenario that is really heart-warming. Go out and visit someone, anyone at the hospital, visit the kids, elderly people or whomever you want to visit in a shelter and give them this magnificent bouquet. You can also tell them the story behind those flowers and why you chose to give it to them. It can be a tool for a genuine bonding time.


As a gift to a friend/family member/other important people in your life

Parents getting teary eyed because ‘you’re not their baby girl anymore and how can you grow up so fast?’ Your friends thinking ‘what about our monthly meet ups over coffee? Show them that you’re still the same person that they know and love by giving them something that is very special to you. You can take your bouquet apart and create smaller arrangements (hair pieces, smaller vases of flowers, etc.)  that can be given as gifts to the people that mean the most (or perhaps helped you the most with the wedding). You can tell them that it signifies that they’ll always have a piece of you with them. Aaaaagh I’m getting too sappy. It maybe cheesy but if it’s true, then there’s nothing we can do, eh?


Put it on the grave of a loved one

We usually put flowers on the graves of our loved ones, but they wilt and wither away. If there’s someone you wish could have been there with you at your wedding, leaving your wedding bouquet at their grave can be a way to connect them to your special day.


Repurpose it

-Turn it into a garland/add pieces of it on a locket/customizable necklace, among others.

People love DIY stuff so I’m sure that aside from my suggestions above, you’ll get to think of a million things on how to repurpose your bouquet. Channel your inner creativity into turning this into another beautiful décor or personal accessory. Right now, sky’s the limit :-).