How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Colors

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Colors

January 30, 2019

Choosing your wedding colors is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make, as it will inform all of your other design details, including your invitations, bridesmaids dresses and floral arrangements. But, have no fear! Just because it’s important doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. We see and apply basic color theory in so many other aspects of our life, even if we don’t know it! Here are our best tips on choosing a wedding color palette that’s pleasing to the eye and matches your personal style.

Color Theory 101

If you think back to elementary school, you may remember learning about the color wheel. Usually in art class, we were taught about the primary colors and how we could mix those colors to create new and exciting shades. I won’t get all sciency on you, but in a nutshell, there are certain colors that look really good together. You can use the trusty color wheel as your guide! Here are three examples of popular color palettes that you can choose from.

Complementary Colors

Colors that are opposite from each other on the wheel are called complementary colors and typically go very well together. (think Christmas colors and NFL teams. They’re perfect examples of this pairing.) One combo that brides are loving right now is burgundy and blush. Which makes sense because red and green tones are perfect complements! Check out this color palette from Coolors and the corresponding bouquet photo.

Warm or Cool

When you think of your favorite colors, do you think of warm shades like red, orange, yellow and pink or cooler tones like blue, green and purple? Colors that are in the same family look great together! For this palette, choose a few colors that are either warm or cool. For example, this bride used pink, yellow and orange.


If you want to keep thing simple and uber elegant, consider a monochromatic color palette. In this case, you choose one color and use a couple variants to create a cohesive design. As far as flowers go, bouquets with all white flowers are absolutely stunning! As Leonardo da Vinci said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Take it from Mother Nature

If you’re searching for the perfect colors for your wedding, look no further than the queen of color combos - Mother Nature herself. Take a stroll in a local park or head to the mountains and observe the perfect color pairings that are all around you! On that note, you can also think about the season that you’re getting married in and use a spring, summer, fall or winter palette with the colors that come to mind.

Inspiration in Unexpected Places

Just like they say with love, you may find color inspiration where you’re least expecting it. Whether it’s your living room decor, favorite outfit to wear or a display in a cute boutique, great design comes in many forms! You may have already seen or created a palette you love without even knowing it. Keep your eyes open and you’ll be pleasantly surprised what you discover.

Ultimately, your wedding is about you and the person you love and it should reflect your values and style. Don’t get caught up with all the “rules” about wedding planning and design. Instead, focus on what you like and what makes you happy! In the end, that’s what matters most.