Creative Wedding Centerpiece Styles

Creative Wedding Centerpiece Styles

April 03, 2019

Your centerpieces are the focal point of your wedding reception and set the tone for the event. There are tons of options when it comes to centerpieces, so we want to share some of our favorite creative variations. No matter your wedding style, you can design a tablescape that brings your vision to life!

Go Green with Garlands

If you’re going for refined and elegant decor at your wedding reception, look no further than garlands. For a modern, minimal feel, use simple greenery garlands with candles staggered on the table. Or, for a more romantic vibe, incorporate flowers throughout the greenery, which will add extra color and depth to the table.






Light Up the Night with Lanterns

Candles add amazing ambiance to an event, so it’s no wonder that lanterns are a top pick for weddings. Add some floral or greenery accents and you’ll have a stunning centerpiece. You can have flowers inside the lantern, surrounding the candle, or place a wreath of greenery and flowers around the outside of the lantern. (And lanterns with flowers flowing out are the ideal decor for your ceremony site, since they can be easily moved and reused after the nuptials.)



Make it Modern with Terrariums

Terrariums are becoming super popular as centerpieces because their geometric shapes are perfect for modern weddings. As with lanterns, you can incorporate candles to create ambiance, or simply fill the bottoms with flowers or greenery for a minimal, modern look. (pro tip - if you love succulents, terrariums are a great container to use!)







Reach for the Sky with Tall Arrangements

If your wedding vision is larger than life, then these are just the thing for you! Whether you go for cascading floral arrangements in extra tall containers or create a greenery canopy above the table, you’re sure to make an impact. One thing people worry about is obstructing their guests’ views, but these days there are modern stands and vases that are much less obtrusive. So, reach for the sky with tall centerpieces!

Your table centerpieces are the perfect place to show off your unique wedding style. Create an elegant look with garlands or go super modern with terrariums. Or, collaborate with our designers to create custom arrangements to make your wedding dreams a reality!