8 Reasons to Use Silk Bouquets for your Destination Wedding

8 Reasons to Use Silk Bouquets for your Destination Wedding

August 09, 2018



Recently one of our customers let us know how much she loved the silk wedding bouquets we built for her and her bridesmaids.  Along the way she mentioned something else that was crazy – she did a destination wedding in Mexico and when she boarded the plane she saw 5 other brides on the same plane all carrying their faux bridal bouquets.  Artificial wedding bouquets are quickly becoming the standard for destination weddings and there’s a lot of good reasons why.

1. They Don’t Wilt

For destination weddings, climates vary.  Whether it’s hot or cold out, extreme temperatures can make your fresh flower wedding bouquets wilt and brown in a matter of minutes.  This can cause a lot of frustration when you need it the least – in the middle of your wedding day.  Fake flower arrangements don’t have this issue and can withstand any reasonable temperature – hot or cold.


2. They're Low-Maintenance

The whole point of a destination wedding is to get your closest family and friends out on a vacation together where you can relax and enjoy life while celebrating your new marriage.  Worrying about the florist (who you’ve probably never met) bringing your flowers to the venue on time, what the bouquets are going to look like, and hoping that everything comes together as planned is not chill at all. The solution? Use fake flower arrangements instead. These silk babies don’t need water, soil or sunlight to survive, and you’ll know exactly how your bouquets will turn out because…


3. You can get your Silk Wedding Bouquets weeks or even MONTHS before your wedding

Take one more “thing to worry about” off your list.  If you are SOOO excited to see your wedding bouquet, you can get it MONTHS beforehand.  You can check flowers off your list of things to do and know exactly what they’ll look like well before the wedding day.  After all, one of the biggest perks of silk flowers is being everlasting.


4. Local (Destination) Florists Have Different Standards

We asked one of our customers why she decided to use fake flower arrangements at her destination beach wedding.  Her answer:

I was a bridesmaid at a friend’s destination wedding in Mexico a few years ago where the arrangements were nowhere near the right colors and the florist showed up with 5 bridesmaid bouquets instead of 8…one hour before the ceremony.  Before my wedding I did more research and heard a lot of similar stories where the language barrier, limitation on flowers available, and differing cultural expectations led to problems.  I wasn’t going to take any chances!

Often times local area florists only carry local flowers that are in season in their geographic area, as opposed to most US florists who import a wide range of flowers from all over the world to meet customer needs.  This means that it’s highly likely the flower colors or style that you want simply aren’t possible.


5. Extremely realistic

Especially in the old days, fake flowers looked hideous.  These days, there are a lot of high quality, highly realistic faux flower options.  At Faux For Real we’ve spent (not exaggerating) thousands of dollars finding only the best quality flowers available – we’ve actually had “helpful” family members put our (artificial) flowers in water because they didn’t realize they were fake.  They’re that good.


6. They Last Forever

When real flowers are used in weddings they are discarded within a few days because – shocker – they’re dead.  Not silk flowers though.  They can be kept as an amazing memento after your wedding, or can be re-purposed for whatever you want.



7. All Flowers are “In Season”

Fresh flowers are only available if they’re in season, otherwise they’re super expensive.  Silk flowers are not reliant on the growing season so you can get the flowers that you want any time of year.


8. Allergen-free

We all know that person who is allergic to everything.  If this pollen-hating acquaintance is in the wedding (or if it's you), make their day a whole lot more enjoyable by using allergen free silk flower bouquets.


As you can see, there are tons of advantages on using fake flowers as opposed to real flowers at your destination wedding.  If you’re getting married or helping someone who is, be sure to give faux flowers a second look!