7 Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Flowers

7 Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Flowers

January 15, 2019

On your big day, you want everything to be perfect, including your flowers. Here are our best tips for choosing your wedding flowers!


1- Have an open mind

One of the most discouraging things with real flowers is falling in love with a variety that’s not in season for your big day. (like wanting yellow peonies for your wedding in December…) The beauty of faux flowers is that all varieties are available all year round! But if you’re trying to fool your guests, you’ll want to make sure to select styles that are seasonally appropriate.

So, rather that choosing exact flowers first, go into your consult with a color palette in mind. That way, the floral designer can make suggestions based on your style and the season.


2- Simple shades

When choosing wedding flowers (and all décor for that matter) stick to 2-3 main shades for your color palette. That’ll keep things simple and cohesive. You can throw in an extra accent color, but don’t get carried away or it could look like Willy Wonka’s factory at your reception.


3- Make your bridal bouquet a priority

There are lots of areas where you can cut costs in wedding planning, but one place you don’t want to skimp is on your bridal bouquet. It’ll be a focal point of your big day, in your photos, at the ceremony and when you’re announced into the reception as a couple! Take the time to really define your personal style and make sure your bouquet captures your personality and taste. At Compass Rose, we always say that we’re not happy until you say, “I LOVE IT!!”


5- Reuse your flowers

Along with being eco-friendly, we’re also budget friendly. One way to make your floral budget go further is to reuse floral pieces throughout your wedding day. For example, many brides use their bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets as the centerpieces for the head table. Just place empty vases on the table (no water necessary!) and place your bouquets in when you’re announced into the reception.


6- Know your budget

Speaking of being budget friendly, do you know your budget? Wedding planning can be a lot like a trip to Target…you go in for an $8 mascara and come out an hour later with $100 worth of extras. (guilty as charged…) It’s important to be realistic when setting your budget, so do some research first to figure out what different vendors charge. Then, set a budget range and do your best to stick to it! You’ll be thanking yourself when you can afford a few extra cocktails on your honeymoon.


7- Break the rules

It’s the twenty first century and we’re kissing traditions goodbye! (well, not completely…but you get the idea.) Brides these days are ultra-creative and coming up with new versions of old traditions. That applies to flowers too! We’re seeing tons of awesome textures and unique flowers popping up in bridal bouquets on Pinterest. Don’t be afraid to go bold and break away from the norm! (we’ve got your back, girl.)


Hopefully these tips give you the confidence to show off your style and stick to your budget! Our awesome team of floral designers would love to bring your vision to life.